MEX, the acronym for Magazine Exhibition, features a collection of design periodicals, journals and literature sourced from every corner of the world for public reading, education and display. Curated by the people from CUTOUT Magazine exclusively for the first time at George Town Festival 2013, the exhibition will be staged for the whole month throughout the festival.

This year, MEX will house 100 different magazine titles sourced from around the world in the Green Room, a little rustic two-storey heritage shop along Lebuh Victoria, George Town. The magazines are selected from a pool of submissions for quality and delivery of content in the areas of design, architecture, fine art, culture and subculture, film, music, fashion and photography.

Poster versions of some of the oldies magazines of Malaysia since the 1960s will be on display courtesy of Dr Zainurul Rahman, who is very delighted to share with the public. Dr Zainurul is currently the Head of Department of the Graphic Communication Department at Universiti Sains Malaysia.

According to Dr Zainurul, "I collected these magazines during my PhD studies as they are part of my research content. Most of them either cannot be found anymore or unavailable in the National Archive. It is my treasure and preciously kept but I'd like to share it with others."

The covers of the magazines from Dr Zainurul's collection will be reproduced just for MEX.
If you're a publisher/editor of an independent magazine…
If you have a collection of vintage magazines…
If you think that there's a defunct magazine that fits our requirement…
…and wouldn't mind parting with a copy of your magazine for a permanent display at MEX…

Please email your interest to
Your magazines can be new or secondhand, and in good condition.
Download the submission form here:
As the world is shifting its focus away from the Western countries to the East in search for better opportunities, the countries in the Asian continent are also experiencing a shift in perspectives. Design has recently been a favourite conversation over meals in Kuala Lumpur. We think about what design can do or change a country from good to great, with inspiration coming all over from our neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Join editors Sali Sasaki, Natre Wannathepsakul, Yiu Sheung-Yee, Vivian Toh and Artakorn Intakorn as they talk about how design is becoming a trend and the difference it can bring to the country or someone's life.

Content or Design First?
An Open Dialogue

How information is delivered to the masses is the works of hardworking and passionate writers. Join editors Sali Sasaki, Natre Wannathepsakul, Yiu Sheung-Yee, Vivian Toh and Artakorn Intakorn in this session about understanding where content derives from, how design comes to play in the context of making a magazine, and why magazines are such interesting reading material. This session will include the participation from the public to give a broader sense of the word.

Design practitioners and design educators are invited to speak about their recent projects related to culture before a general audience. Join our panellists as they discuss their research on both Asian and Western cultures, the challenges in preserving centuries-old cultures, the effects and the possibilities.

Language and Culture
An Open Dialogue

We are what we eat, and we are what we speak. Too often, the way we speak or communicate becomes a natural progress that is influenced by the things we perceive and the people we mix with. An average Malaysian can speak in three to five languages or dialects. But how well versed will be in our own mother tongue in this modern era? Join this panel to discuss the beauty and use of language in communication.

Natre is a writer and editor. With a background in architecture, but a penchant for words, she has combined the two and now writes about architecture and design. After completing a degree in Histories and Theories at the Architectural Association in London, she learned the ropes of design journalism at Blueprint magazine before returning to Thailand to work as contributing editor for art4d magazine and as editor for

Graduated from Curtin University (Australia) with a BA in Art (Multimedia Design), Artakorn founded CG+ Magazine right after his graduation when he was 22 year old. His magazine became the only Thai graphic design magazine in Thailand. For six years, Art split his time between publishing the magazine and working with international companies worldwide to bring in creative events to his hometown. Several successful international events included Cut&Paste (USA), TBS, Digicon6 (Japan), DigiPlay (UK). He has had the opportunity to work with various designers and studios not only on his magazine but also held conferences to educate the young designers and students together with Devilrobots, Jon Burgerman, Lucas Films (Singapore), Ubisoft (Singapore) and many more.

Born in Hong Kong and graduated with a Master of Philosophy from the City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media, Yiu Sheung-Yee researches on information structure in old/new media. She is the recipient of Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships (2004 – 2006) and Mr. Chan Tai Ho Scholarship (2005).

However, years of study made her realise that she does not enjoy life as an academic or media artist; therefore she joined Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) as a book editor. On and off, she writes for various Chinese media including Mingpao, City Pictorial, City Magazine on book reviews and cultural-related issues.

In 2011, Sheung-Yee found out that as a book editor she does not have time to read at all. It made her quit her job and became a reporter for Sunday Mingpao instead, mainly writing feature stories on social issues, green living, art, culture and people portraiture. In 2013, she and Nico Tang initiated What. Bookazine and became one of its editors. She also took up the role of commissioning editor in Joint Publishing again, hoping that she can at least read some firsthand manuscript, if not a book after all.

CUTOUT is Vivian's first magazine, now in its 13th edition. She runs the magazine together with a small team of three to five staff and about 20 contributors on one issue. Leveraging on her experience, she gives career talks to tertiary students. She is a mass communications degree holder with a double major in public relations and journalism. Upon graduation, she pursued a freelance writing career and later dived into independent publishing in 2009. Before that, she was a regular contributor for the now defunct iSh Singapore magazine and had written interview pieces on over 50 designers for the book "Stuffz: Design on Material". In 2008, she and Jay Lim set up TSUBAKI Studio, a company which offers services in areas of graphic design and branding. Vivian currently serves as Vice President of wREGA, the graphic design association of Malaysia, and is part of the Youth Advisory Group set up by Tomorrow's Leaders Summit.

Born in Yokohama, Japan and raised in Paris, France, Sali Sasaki is a communication designer, writer, and speaker specialised in design and cultural development. She formerly worked for the United Nations cultural organisation UNESCO and holds a Master's Degree in communication design from the Royal College of Art (London, UK).

William Harald-Wong is an award-winning urban identity designer who consults on the shaping of distinctive Asian identities for new cities, townships and integrated developments, enhancing the human and cultural experience of a place.

In 2008, the company contributed to the research and visual presentation for George Town's submission to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

William is the curator for 'Colours of Asia', the first in a series of research projects across 13 Asian countries culminating in a major exhibition, catalogue, student workshop, forum and conference and research paper. 'Colours of Asia' was part of Hong Kong Year of Design 2012.

He served as Vice-President of Icograda from 2001–2003, engaging with China, India and Southeast Asia to bring their designers into the international arena, and is co-founder of wREGA, the graphic design association of Malaysia.

Stephen has a unique background; he previously resided in Europe and worked in the cutting-edge world of creative industries for more than 10 years. He traveled very extensively spending many years in Europe. He spent more than eight years as a scenographer and designer and amongst the various creative jobs he was given he eventually became a design catalyst expert.

Nadira Bashir is a young but driven copywriter from Malaysia of exotic descent, comprising Malay, Indian and Chinese heritage who has a piquant interest in art and psychology. She is a graduate from New Zealand's Wanganui School of Design with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Graphic Design specialising in Advanced Advertising. She left her mark in a number of places, namely winning a Southeast Asia award for an advertising copywriting campaign. Her current endeavours include pursuing her Masters in publication studies at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. She is currently the programme coordinator of the Academy of Architecture and the Visual Arts (AAVA) for all five degree programmes available at Linton University College.

Andrew Stiff studied at Chelsea School of Art and Design and he is currently in the dissertation phase of an MSc at Liverpool University.

From 1995 to 2003 he worked with the D-Fuse co-operative developing web and video work. From 2003 to 2010 he became course leader for MA Digital Arts and MA Digital Arts Online at Camberwell College of Arts. In 2010 he moved to Malaysia and he is currently teaching at the Academy of Architecture and the Visual Arts, within the Graphic Design school. He is also keeping himself busy with co-writing a new MA in International Design Practice. His other interests include research in technology in learning and teaching, moving image in the built environment, and exhibiting in multiple countries.

Huang Ya-Ling is the dean of Creative Media of Kun Shan University (KSU). She is also the Director of the Art and Industry Incubation Center, which is an organisation supported by the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan. She has big interest in combining new technology or new media communication with old culture. Ya-Ling is also focused on her research in 3D visual design. In 2003 she participated in an Artist-in-Residence programme at the German Academy of Art, Cologne with U.S. Shearwater Foundation, then built up the "3D Hologram Image Laboratory" in KSU. Her research and teaching area is in Hologram 3D Imaging design, high-tech media and visual design as well as art and culture industrial research.

Dr Zainurul is a practicing communication designer and a senior lecturer at the School of the Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia. She has 13 years of experience as a consultant and communication designer. Currently she is the Head of Graphic and Design Communication Department while at the same time she manages the School's design studio, U-Design Lab. Her professional practice involves connecting design with the community and finding ways to implement design thinking in facilitating Malaysian's ways of doing things.
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Project Director: Vivian Toh
Creative Director: Jay Lim
Project Coordinator: Ann Loh
Web and Interactive: Yoong Pin

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